slumber party nostalgia kit - $15.00

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Have you been having a terrible hankering for a good old fashioned slumber party? Or maybe you just want your little ones to get a taste of old-school sleepovers? Now you can relive the magic with my handy dandy kits! They include everything you'll need to trigger a stroll down 90's slumber party lane.

Each kit includes:

✩ A mixtape CD of 90's pop tunes with a hand-written bubble letter playlist
✩ A pre-assembled fortune teller
✩ Four MASH cards
✩ Microwave popcorn
✩ A friendship bracelet kit (colors vary)
✩ A 90's dvd "rental" movie*
✩ A hand-stamped canvas carrying case
✩ a URL to download printable invitations, more MASH cards, more fortune tellers and digital slumber party scrapbooking materials

*Movie is selected at random and isn't actually a rental (you get to keep it) I really hope you'll be pleased as punch with the flick I select, but please note that there are no exchanges or returns.

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